About Us

You know that lingering scent of perfume or cologne on a favorite scarf or sweater? What if it was intentional and not just an after-effect?

How about adding a little bit of aromatherapy as you knit or crochet? That’s where Scented Stitches comes in. It’s a knitters’ balm with the extra ‘oomph’ of essential oils.

Small batch, hand poured and lovingly blended, the scents are formulated for every day use.

Here’s an overview of each:

Calm includes lavender and patchouli with bergamot and sweet orange for relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Cheer uses both rose absolute and rose geranium for a super high-vibe-rosy effect, with lemongrass for a bit of juicy freshness to radiate optimism.

Power pushes you through busy days and burnout with its zesty mix of palo santo, ginger and lemon.

Confidence exudes a sense of comfort and cool with ylang ylang, cardamom and jasmine absolute.


Learn more about how to use the balms here.

How It Works


If you’re into aromatherapy, check out our sister company Mood Food.


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Founder, Mood Food and Scented Stitches