Product Safety Information

Warnings and Counter-indications

We’ve done our best to call out counter-indications of the essential oils that we use on the labels and in descriptions. So many essential oil blends on the market are not labeled in this manner, and we think it’s important. First and foremost, if you develop any kind of irritation from using any essential oil product, discontinue using it immediately. Our balms are NOT lip balms, and they are designed for external use only. We know they smell really good, but please don’t apply them in your nose as some oils can irritate mucous membranes.

A word about photo sensitivity: Citrus oils can cause a reaction when the areas where you’ve applied them become exposed to sunlight. We’re careful about the concentration of citrus in our blends - keeping them within safe levels, and to be honest, none of our band of testers have experienced a reaction, but everyone is different. You can always apply sunscreen on top of exposed areas where balm has been applied, or for a less fussy alternative, just apply your balm on parts of your body that are covered with clothing if you’re going to be outside. Bergamot, Lemon & Grapefruit oils are the ones to watch out for. Sweet Orange & Tangerine are citrus oils that don't cause photo sensitivity. And even though Lemongrass has a super citrusy scent, it's actually not a citrus oil.

An additional note about our Bergamot. We use a Bergamot essential oil that has the bergatpen compound removed so it's safe in the sun. 

Please take special care using essential oils if you are pregnant. Most of our blends are NOT to be used if you are pregnant.

Please read our warning labels as we’ve advised when not to mix certain blends with alcohol, homeopathic remedies, which ones can make you drowsy and more.

We also state that our balms are not for children under 12. Essential oils are pretty powerful! And as mentioned above, we make sure the dilution in the base is as safe as possible, but still quite effective (and great smelling). If you’re trying to soothe a baby or child and think a blend may help, apply it to yourself, in an area of skin that’s covered by your clothing and snuggle away. The scent will waft through the air!

Please store your balms in a cool place and make sure they’re not in direct sunlight. 

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